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Carpet cleaning is not just carpet cleaning! And not every company does it the same.....or right! Finding the "cheapest" cleaner is not always the best idea........... What is the difference between all the different carpet cleaning prices you find advertised?

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This photo is one of the main differences! One of the most important steps to thoroughly cleaning carpet, is dry soil removal before the steam cleaning process. Dry soil and hair make up nearly 80% of what is making carpet dirty! It is stuck to the other 20% of oily soil that is removed by the steam cleaning process. If the dry soil is not removed 1st, a carpet cleaner will be making "mud" and driving it down into the carpet further, leaving most of it behind when they leave.
This will lead to carpet either not looking as clean as a customer is hoping after the completion of the job, or it rapidly resoiling a short time after being cleaned. Always make sure that your cleaner is either thoroughly vacuuming when they arrive, or in some cases for extreme soiling, using a counter rotating brush machine before starting the pre treatment and steam cleaning! This is often skipped all together when the cleaning costs a questionably "low" price. Having the job done right and thoroughly is worth the small extra cost to your family and home. Don't let a carpet cleaner tell you that they dont need to vacuum, because their truck mounted equipment is a vacuum. This is simply unacceptable! Also, a carpet cleaner should have on board a vacuum that is a professional grade, made to remove more dry soil than a household vacuum!


Did you know? The EPA recommends that you have your carpets cleaned with truck mounted hot water extraction equipment at the frequency below.

Frequency of Carpet Cleanings
Residential Environment2 Persons Non-Smoking2 Persons SmokingYoung ChildrenYoung Children w/ pets
Normal Conditions6-12 months4 months6 months3-6 months
Contaminated Outside2 months2 months1 month1 month
Extremely Cold Weather4-6 months3 months3 months2 months
High Humidity4-6 months4 months3 months2 months

Is having a healthy home environment one of your concerns?

The truth is, having carpet in your home is a healthy choice! Unlike other flooring, it has the ability to trap dust, soil, allergens and other threats to the air we breathe instead of letting it flow through the air like other flooring surfaces will. But, it must be kept clean! Your carpet and furniture are your biggest air filters. In addition to regular vacuuming, the carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpeting cleaned by an IICRC certified professional every 12 months(more frequently if you have pets). In addition to keeping your air quality healthy, professional cleaning will remove the deep down soils that are abrasive, and will wear your carpet and furniture down.

Call today for a consultation, or to schedule your cleaning! As always, the quoted price is the price paid, and there are never any hidden charges! The service always includes all the necessary steps to thoroughly clean your items.
Hot Water Extraction(Steam) Cleaning For Your Carpet And Furniture. - This Is The Restorative Cleaning Method Capable Of The Deepest Cleaning. Using Water Over 200 Degrees, It Deep Cleans Your Floors And Furniture, While Also Killing Bacteria! This Is The Recommended Method By Manufacturers And Professional Cleaners Worldwide. Make Sure To Ask About Scotchgard Treatment To Protect Your Carpet And Furniture After Cleaning.

Low Moisture Cleaning - Need to have your carpet or furniture cleaned, but do not have the time to wait for them to dry? This is the cleaning method perfect for that situation! This is also the chosen method for furnishings that are not "wet cleanable".

Tile And Grout Cleaning - Most of the time, you don't know just how dirty your tile and grout are until you see them clean! The build up on these floors can also be tracked onto other surfaces such as carpet and furniture!

Water Extraction/Drying - If the unfortunate happens, such as water intrusion from rain, a pipe burst or leak or the many other causes of water damage, I am IICRC certified in water damage restoration and can extract the water, and dry your property using the latest in drying equipment and technology

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